About Kori


I say I’m a late bloomer, since I always seem to reach life’s milestones later than most of my peers. Currently in mid-life, I just now realized what I was meant to do! If I look back over the years starting from early childhood, I can recall many examples of my love for decorating. As a young girl playing with barbies I raided my mother’s linen closet to create furniture for my dolls. When I was in grade school I took old boxes and set them up in my bedroom as furniture. And, in high school I designed my own curtains from tablecloths I purchased from TJMaxx. Fashion and style have always been a way to express my creativity, but making a career out of it just never occurred to me. Instead, I held many different jobs over the years and followed various career paths. Once I married and started a family, I stopped working a traditional job and stayed home with our girls. Eventually I began designing with a national closet manufacturer, where I worked for about a decade! I can’t believe how time flies when you’re having fun!! Through my travels meeting with clients I would stop at a local estate sale or antique shop and as I continued to collect so many beautiful things, it occurred to me…I can’t possibly buy all this stuff for myself! That’s when the lightbulb went on and I had that “aha” moment. For the past few years I've been committed to this venture full time and have enjoyed every twist and turn of this journey. To stay informed of my treasure hunting escapades and to stay up to date on new inventory listings, please follow the shop on Instagram @hhfurnishings. Also, don't forget to subscribe to receive emails from the shop, so you get first dibs on special sale events and receive subscriber bonuses.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope to connect with you on Instagram or at one of my booths. I now have two physical locations where you can shop in person:

~ Sugarplum Cottage at 131 Main St., Andover, NJ

~ Newburgh Vintage Emporium Ware-House at 10 NY-17K, Newburgh, NY

In addition to antique and vintage French, British and Chinoiserie decor, you'll find many larger pieces, like furniture and artwork that are too big to ship.

Thanks again and happy shopping!